Spurs Player Boris Diaw Wants to Take a Trip to Outer Space Once He Retires From the NBA

Boris Diaw is running out of places to visit on Earth.

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Jerome Miron

Boris Diaw loves to travel. He loves it so much that, during a recent interview with NBPA, he revealed that his goal is to marry a flight attendant one day. Over the last few years, he has been to South Africa, Colombia, Croatia, Madagascar, Spain, and Peru, where he devoured an entire octopus on his own.

“Boris is the guy that’s going to go to the restaurant and order, like, chicken hearts—whatever odd thing that people may think it is,” his close friend/travel companion Ronny Turiaf revealed while speaking with NBPA. “And one day, we were eating at this beautiful restaurant on a little cliff, and this guy brings out this crazy huge octopus that’s cooked, and everybody was surprised like, ‘Man, I’m not going to touch this.’ And then Boris said, ‘You guys are not going to eat it? Alright, cool.’ He grabbed the plate, and he ate the whole octopus, and he loves octopus. And I’m like, ‘Boris, you are insane.’”

And he’s not stopping there! Once Diaw retires, he plans on sailing around the world in the catamaran that he’s trying to buy right now. And after that’s done, he also has his sights set on a much, much different destination. The Spurs player plans on hopping on a spaceship and going to outer space.

“I will go to space at some point,” he told NBPA. “I won’t say in the next 10 years, but maybe in 30.”

Diaw is a obviously a fascinating guy. You can read more about him—and his new short film Easy Lifehere.

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[via NBPA]

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