Bill Clinton Inspired the Crazy Speech That David Ortiz Gave to His Red Sox Teammates Last Night

Red Sox fans must love him right now.

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Johnny Gomes is getting all the credit for helping the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in Game 4 of the 2013 World Series last night, thanks to the three-run home run that he hit in the sixth inning. But David Ortiz and, strangely, Bill Clinton deserve some of that credit, too.

Prior to the start of the sixth inning, Ortiz gave an inspiring speech to his teammates that included him yelling, "This is our time!" It got the team fired up and helped them play well that inning. And Ortiz says that Clinton is the person who inspired him to make a speech like that.

"Bill Clinton, he makes a lot of money making speeches," Ortiz said later. "And he changes a lot of lives with his speeches. I watch him. I learn. If you can get people to listen, they will react."

The Red Sox proved that last night. And the city of Boston has Bill Clinton to thank for it today.

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[via Washington Times]

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