Antonio Cromartie's Baby Mama Writes a Tell-All Book

Here's one reason not to have nine kids by eight different women.

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Is it just us—or has Antonio Cromartie enjoyed his fair share of FAIL-worthy moments since joining the Jets last year? First, there was the infamous "you-don't-know-the-names-of-all-of-your-kids-do-you?" moment on HBO's Hard Knocks last summer. Then, there was the expletive-laden tirade he went on about the NFL's labor stoppage situation shortly after the Jets were knocked out of the playoffs. And now, his ex-fiancee Rhonda Patterson—the mother one of his nine kids—is writing a book called Love, Intercepted: A Tale of Football, Falling and Failing in Love that details Cro's affinity for infidelity, Facebook philandering, and—gulp—sex toys. Um, TMI, dude. With seven other baby mamas out there, let's just hope this book doesn't turn into a series. [via New York Post]

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