NFL Fans Turn Angry Tom Brady Into the First Great Meme of the New Season

Tom Brady provided NFL fans with the first great meme of the new season on Thursday night.

Tom Brady on the sideline during a loss to the Chiefs.

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Tom Brady on the sideline during a loss to the Chiefs.

Tom Brady’s first game of the 2017-18 NFL season was… not great. He connected on just 16 of the 36 passes that he threw. He racked up just 267 passing yards—a full 100 yards fewer than Alex Smith threw for during the game. And he was sacked three times during the Patriots’ 42-27 loss to the Chiefs. Brady was so frustrated after the game that he called his team out for not playing with more intensity in their first game since their miraculous Super Bowl 51 win over the Falcons in February.

Angry Tom Brady meme.

"I just think we needed to have more urgency and go out there and perform a lot better," Brady said. "That is a winning attitude that you need to bring every day. We had it handed to us on our own field. It’s a terrible feeling, and the only people that can do something about it are in that locker room. We’ve got to dig a lot deeper than we did tonight, because we didn’t dig very deep tonight."

Fortunately for Brady, the night wasn’t a total loss for him. Because while he may not have thrown any touchdowns or figured out a way to get on the same page with targets like Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan, he did give all of the NFL fans out there the first memorable meme of the new season by making this face on the sideline towards the end of the contest.

When the artisanal small batch grocer runs out of dairy-free avocado almond milk ice-cream.

— James Dator (@James_Dator) September 8, 2017

It turned an otherwise anti-climactic moment in the game into one that sent people scrambling to throw together the best captions they could based on the angry look on Brady’s face. Here are just some of the tweets that were sent out after the "Angry Tom Brady" photo went viral.

OK, so maybe Brady won’t necessarily see this as a win. But he seems to have a decent sense of humor when it comes to posting stuff online. So who knows? You might see some of these memes pop up on his Facebook or Instagram pages soon enough. If nothing else, going through them would definitely be better than spending the next 10 days watching game film from Thursday night, right?

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