Adult Film Star Who Played Ronda Rousey in Parody Asks Her Out on a Date During an Interview

Everybody wants a piece of Ronda Rousey right now.

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Cardale Jones might have some competition.

During a recent interview with Submission Radio, adult film star Kleio Valentien—who played Rousey in the porn parody, Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded—revealed that she would love to go out with the UFC champion one day. She even went as far as to plead with Rousey to go out on a date with her right in the middle of her interview.

"If I could ask her out on a date, I would totally do that," she said. "Ronda, if you ever listen to this, please go out on a date with me."

Valentien also went on to say that she hopes Rousey isn't mad at her for taking part in the parody in the first place.

"I personally have not gotten any feedback from her," she said. "I'm glad that she's not angry about it and that she's a good sport about it and she knows that it's all in good fun. We have had some people who are angry about it, who think she's worked really hard to be more than just a good woman fighter but a great fighter in general, that we were sexualizing her too much. There are always gonna be certain people who are angry."

Rousey hasn't offered up much of a response to the film or to Valentien's date request yet. But she seems to be doing press 24/7/365 these days, so it's probably only a matter of time before she responds. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can listen to Valentien's interview below:

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