Win Butler Tries to Talk About Health Care at All-Star Celebrity Game, Sage Steele Cuts Him Off

Maybe next time, Butler.

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Canada has Drake. The country also has Arcade Fire's Win Butler and free health care. Sage Steele, the American, doesn't care.

Butler, with his 15 points and 14 rebounds, led Team Canada as they won the All-Star Celebrity Game. As per custom, Steele gave the star a quick moment to shine in a post-game interview. She regretted it. Butler went on a tangent about health care, and Steele's smile barely hid her impatience. Finally, Steele not only pulled away the microphone to cut the speech short; she straight up chastised him: “So we’re talking about celebrity stuff, not politics.” Butler and Arcade Fire gotta make the most fire album ever to cover for this.

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