"Well You Can't Lose Every F***ing Game": Real Quotes From Real Sad Knicks Fans

The Knicks' two-game winning streak didn't exactly leave fans optimistic.

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When you think about one of the most miserable streets, you'd figure that 31st between Eighth and Seventh Avenues might be in the top 10. It's the stretch that separates Madison Square Garden and a block that holds a line of moderately priced bars/restaurants. If you're a Knicks fan, that combination temporarily brings the happy back.

You probably heard: Before this week, the Knicks hadn't won a basketball game since Dec. 12. Before this year, fans definitely thought New York was going to have more than a single digit figure on that win column by January. That's not the case, though, and the ray of hope emitting from Phil Jackson when he first became the President of Basketball Operations is now a faint glimmer barely recognizable to anyone near 31st Street's famed arena. I made the trip to the street right after Monday's home game against the Pelicans in hopes of interviewing some of its disappointed patrons. Because schadenfreude is dope.

But the Knicks won! And they beat the Sixers on Wednesday. New York suddenly was only two games away from finally going double digits. Time to celebrate, right?


New York has a strong fan base, but it's not a sports town in the way that Cleveland or Buffalo are. New York has too many distractions for sports have a full grip on its emotional center. So the fans who were at the bars on Monday and Wednesday are faithful, but not masochists; many have mentally moved on from this season. Some are on the Lose More For Okafor movement. One has a strange attraction to Amar'e Stoudamire. See what the bar patrons at Cafe 31 and Brother Jimmy's BBQ had to say as we bring you Real Quotes From Real Sad Knicks Fans.


“We got completely fucking lucky … But this year, it’s over. This year, we restructure; this year, we do what we have to do, get this first draft pick. It’s not about winning." - Kam, 30

“I liked it because they won while I was there. But I’m also gunning for that No. 1 pick. It’s a little bit of mixed feelings… I love it when they win, but it really doesn’t mean that much to me when they’re bad.”Matt, 44

“I like seeing Amar’e Stoudamire. He makes me happy. Because he’s a man’s man. And he’s a Knick.”Dennis, 56

“This is my first game… and they won because of me. I’m their good luck charm."Jennifer, 22


“We knew this year was gonna be rough…I expected 20-40, 30-40 — something like that. Something more than single digits at this point."D.K., 36

“Well, you can’t lose every fucking game, so you can’t get too enthusiastic…At this point it’s hard to get excited. Obviously there’s no playoffs. I’ll get excited if we actually land someone this summer."Khalil, 29

“I wish we would’ve lost tonight. The season’s been on the downslide and it’s not gonna get any better when we win tonight or lose tonight. I kind of want that first pick."Eric, 41

“I’m happy to see them win, but for the last past decade other than one or two here and there, I’m used the hearing them lose and I’m used to seeing them play insignificant basketball. So when a mini streak comes along in January, it doesn’t really excite me. But I’m happy that Melo is here and he’s gonna become part of the future."Chris, 27

“It was a fluke. Look at the scheduling. Who’d they beat? Philly? Who?!”James, 67

“All the players will come off the books [next year]. They have the centerpiece, and they’ll build around it. This is New York baby. We always win.”Nick, 28


One high-profile fan was less enthusiastic last week when asked about not going to London to watch the Knicks:

"We’ve lost 16 motherfucking games in a row. Twenty-six out of 27. And I’m gonna get on a plane for that?! I can take a cab to see them lose!"Spike, 57

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