Paul Pierce Thinks He'll Be a "Glorified Role Player" in Brooklyn

He's got reasonable expectations.

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A lot of people probably didn't expect to see Paul Pierce in anything other than a Celtics jersey outside of an NBA 2K game, including Paul Pierce himself. But The Truth is going to be repping Brooklyn next season and he's going to have to make some adjustments. He's not going to be a leader like he was at Boston because there's no way Deron Williams is having that.

Pierce isn't in denial though. He showed in his interview with the Boston Globe that he's prepared to not be the head honcho any more:

With my abilities to do so many things, there’s going to be nights where I’m not going to score a bunch of points. I can do other things to help this club win. With the combination of these guys, we’re going to take pressure off each other.

It's true, especially with Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, and the controversially acquired Andrei Kirilenko on the team. Plus, the man is getting pretty old, but if he becomes a good "glorified role player," watch out for Brooklyn.

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