Jahlil Okafor Had a Gun Pointed at Him During an Altercation

Philly has to get Jahlil Okafor to chill.

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Philadelphia is 0-17 and Jahlil Okafor, their No. 3 pick, can't stay out of trouble. You already heard about him getting into a street fight over someone yelling the facts, “The 76ers suck." But before that, Okafor got in a scuffle in Philly that ended with a gun pointed at him.

A witness told CSNPhilly.com that the rookie got into it with two unidentified men on Oct. 4. It was 2 a.m. outside of a nightclub when Okafor and another person argued with the two men who was sitting in a car. Okafor tried to punch one of them through the driver's window, and the passenger responded by coming out and pointing a gun at him.

Okafor got lucky. U.S. Park Rangers intervened and the passenger ran off and tossed his gun. The driver sped off in his Camaro.

That Okafor would end up in another altercation that could've been avoided, especially after having a gun stare at him, makes his situation much more upsetting.

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[via CSNPhilly.com]

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