Dean Ambrose Nearly Got Attacked by a Fan During a SmackDown Taping

There are rumors that he almost got stabbed.

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There was another attempted WWE fan attack just weeks after Roman Reigns got a briefcase thrown at him by a crazy fan. This incident involves Dean Ambrose.

During a SmackDown taping, Ambrose was greeting fans when one dude climbed over the barrier and charged at him from behind. The security guard saw him at the last second and tackled him to the ground. This could've been a disaster, too; some tweets claim this fan was trying to stab him.

Heres a pic of dean ambrose after a man tried to stab him at a live show last night...crazy. @GrimsToyShow
#DeanAmbrose almost got stabbed by a fan.. Luckily the security was there to stop it in time.
A Fan at the WWE Show in San Juan tried to Stab Dean Ambrose.. Woah...

You can see the video of the incident above.

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