Russell Westbrook Gets Physical at USA Basketball Minicamp and Trash Talks One of His Coaches

Russell Westbrook gets physical at USA Basketball minicamp, trash talks one of his coaches.

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The majority of the NBA's best players are in Las Vegas this week to attend a USA Basketball minicamp, one which is supposed to include light workouts and non-contact drills. 

Try telling that to Russell Westbrook, one of the game's fiercest competitors.

Assistant coach Monty Williams attempted to do just that during Tuesday's session, and it went about as well as you might expect. 

"It's a non-contact camp," Williams said. "A non-contact camp."

"I don't wanna hear that shit," Westbrook responded.

"You know last week I wasn't playing you like this," Williams said.

Chris Paul played for Williams during his final season in New Orleans, and was there to keep the peace.

Williams is a highly-respected coach in NBA circles, and would probably prefer to take these guys through full workouts if the decision was solely his. But Westbrook wasn't having any of it nonetheless. 

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