Man Gets Tackled Trying to Propose at Dodgers Game, Girlfriend Says Yes (UPDATE)

A man was tackled at the Dodgers game on Thursday after he entered the field of play while trying to propose to his girlfriend, who was watching from the stands

Man tackled at Dodgers game while trying to propose to girlfriend on the field
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Man tackled at Dodgers game while trying to propose to girlfriend on the field

UPDATED 4/4, 12:45 a.m. ET: Ricardo Juarez has been banned from Dodger Stadium for one year, TMZ reports.

“But, I mean, he’ll live, right?” said fiancée Ramona Saavedra in a conversation with TMZ. She added, “He always tries to do everything with a lot of love. … He shows a lot of effort—I never thought he would show this much effort.”

Juarez said he “never” expected to get tackled, thinking they would “casually walk him off the field.” Ramona, who translated for Ricardo, said he found himself in “a lot of pain” and initially “could not get out of bed” but was checked out by doctors and “should be fine in a couple days.”

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A Los Angeles Dodgers fan’s marriage proposal didn’t go as planned on Thursday, as the man attempting to tie the knot with his girlfriend was tackled by security after entering the field of play.

The proposal took place at the Dodgers’ Opening Day game on Thursday against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Los Angeles.

Footage of the incident has gone viral, and sees the Mookie Betts jersey-wearing man hop the fence and enter the outfield, where he got down on one knee and held up a ring to his girlfriend, who was seated in the outfield seats.

Social media clips captured the full incident as it went down, which saw the man, seconds after holding the ring box up in the air, get lit up by a security guard, who might as well have been an NFL free safety.

This proposal DID NOT go according to plan during this Dodgers game 😭

The man initiating the proposal was handcuffed and escorted off the field as the crowd applauded his effort. 

Later the fan, Ricardo Juarez, took to Instagram to confirm that the marriage proposal was a success. “She said YES,” he captioned a video of himself getting tackled by security.

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