Wayne Gretzky's First NFT Collectibles Sell Out in Minutes

Just last month the Raptors became the first Canadian sports team to launch NFT collection and now it’s time for NHL icon Wayne Gretzky to join the club.

Wayne Gretzky's first NFT

Image via Publicist

Wayne Gretzky's first NFT

Just last month, the Toronto Raptors became the first Canadian sports team to launch an NFT collection—and now it’s time for NHL legend Wayne Gretzky to join the club.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a non-replicable digital item that can be sold and bought on open markets. Gretzky’s Premier Edition collectibles came out Tuesday afternoon on the new DraftKings Marketplace and reportedly sold out within minutes.

His next collectibles drop, the Signature Edition, is coming this Friday. Both collections feature a photo of Gretzky and his authentic autograph.

Excited to drop my first ever NFT today with @Autograph. My preseason access collection drops at 3pm ET. Grab your passes and start your very own collection @Autograph @UpperDeckSports pic.twitter.com/kfevA9E2SL

— Wayne Gretzky (@WayneGretzky) August 17, 2021

“I’m thrilled to get into the NFT space with Autograph and expand into Canada, having fans engage with great moments from my hockey career in new, revolutionary ways,” said Wayne Gretzky. “I’ve been committed to sharing and developing the game further for all hockey fans, and I’m proud to work and advise with Autograph, making the space more accessible and streamlined for new and longtime collectors.”

Every edition of Gretzky’s NFTs, provided by Autograph in a partnership with Upper Deck, will be available in five colours: carbon, platinum, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. The carbon collectibles are the cheapest at $12 each and come in the largest quantity with 5,000 Premier Editions. The ruby collectibles are $1,500 each with only 12 Signature Editions released.

The Gretzky collectibles are the  first NFTs available on the new DraftKings Marketplace in Canada. DraftKings launched their NFT marketplace in the U.S. last month with a Tom Brady collection, also provided by Autograph.

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