Old Video of Michael Jordan Breaking Up Apparent Altercation With Wack 100 Goes Viral

The video originally surfaced online in 2015.

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A video circulating on Twitter appears to show Michael Jordan breaking up an altercation between his bodyguard and Wack 100 in 2015.

In the clip, which can be seen below, Wack 100 appears to be getting into a fight with someone following the 2015 Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather fight. Wack 100 can be heard identifying himself as a Blood Piru in the video before a man who appeared to be MJ's bodyguard pushes him away. "Get the fuck off me," Wack told him. Jordan then approached the two and attempted to diffuse the situation before walking away with his wife Yvette Prieto.

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A viral post containing the video claims that the incident was a fight between Wack 100 and Charleston White, but he's since denied he was involved in such a situation.

"These n***as really believe I was somewhere with Michael Jordan and Wack 100?" White said in response. "Man, come on, man. Y'all gotta stop believing this shit. N***a, I ain't never in my life met Michael Jordan."

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In a recent chat in a Clubhouse session, Wack 100 also addressed the video and suggested it was someone he referred to as "White Boy," who could be Charleston White.

"He’s Deebo-ing. [Throwing] elbows,” he said. “He’s moving the crowd. That n***a got about five-six steps from me, and I turnt on him, and squared up on him. He ain’t finna ‘Deebo’ me. You gonna wait. ... Out of nowhere, Michael Jordan appears, and his security. He sees what’s going on because the White Boy froze up. I told the White Boy, ‘Reach for your gun I’m gonna take it and beat you with it. Your option."

Wack 100 said Jordan told him he was "just trying to [get to his car]" and didn't "care" about the fight. "

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YouTube user delfunkboy originally posted the video shortly after the incident went down and offered up some thoughts on it at the time.

"We thought it was powerful how Michael Jordan quelled a situation that was going to get out of hand real fast if he had not stepped in," wrote delfunkboy. "Michael Jordan was actually protecting his bodyguard after the bodyguard pushed that black guy for no reason. The black guy that the bodyguard push was a major player and Michael Jordan knew that. Out of respect for MJ the black guy let it go. That goes to show Michael Jordan's power and influence off the court. FYI, it wasn't us asking for a picture with MJ and I'm with you on that one, he sounded like a buster."

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