Georgia Man Reportedly Scams $750K From Friends and Family Over Fake Super Bowl Tickets

Georgia police are currently looking for a man who made off with over $750K of money made thanks to fake Super Bowl tickets.

Super Bowl

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Super Bowl

Georgia police are currently looking for a man who made off with over $750K of people's money after scamming friends and family with fake Super Bowl tickets. WSB-TV Atlanta reports that Ketan Shah is wanted for allegedly scamming a number of people he was close with, including his own mother. His wife has said that she hasn't seen him since reporting him missing in January.

An alleged victim of the scam, Alan Tartt, said that Shah took off with $20,000 of his money and never delivered on the promise of premium Super Bowl tickets. "It's just crazy, mind-blowing," he said. "Everything seemed legit." Tartt cited that before this incident, Shah had a seemingly "squeaky-clean" business image, and that it's easy to see why so many people were fooled by him. Shah's own mother, meanwhile, says she was scammed of $36,000, but won't be pressing charges.

"It was a similar promise to all the other people who bought tickets," said Minish Shah, who isn't related to Shah but claims to have known him closely. "One hundred level seating with access to the concierge lounge and a few pre-parties. I find the whole situation kind of bizarre, and hopefully, there will be some kind of logical explanation." Four Atlanta men have filed theft by deception reports on Shah, who is still currently at large.

"Right now, what we know of is just slightly over three quarters of a million dollars scammed out for Super Bowl-related stuff," Gwinnett County police spokesperson Wilbert Rundles explained. "It’s not that he posted some ad and random people are contacting this guy for tickets and being scammed. He’s known these people for many years. One of them, he’s known his whole life because it’s his own mother, and he’s taken advantage of them."

His wife Bhavi Shah was asked if she knows where he is, to which she responded, "I really don't, I'm sorry."

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