The Iron Sheik and Jose Canseco Had a Twitter Fight Last Night

Canseco wants no parts of Sheiky.

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Wrestling legend The Iron Sheik has been throwing shots at Jose Canseco via Twitter for a minute. Well Sheiky finally got a response from Canseco last night and the two had a hilarious exchange that made no sense at all. Try to follow what's going on:

@josecanseco nobody miss you you smell like dead dog shit
@josecanseco shut the fuck up you mexican
@the_ironsheik easy old man. Talk lots of crap for a guy that can barely walk. This ain't 1985
@josecanseco @vice your dumber than dead dog
@josecanseco you have taco dick and no balls you are dumb mexican and have no money to buy underwear you piece of shit
@josecanseco you only drive the mexican donkey you eat the dead cat taco go fuck yourself

Vince McMahon should capitalize on this and get these two in the ring.

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[via Deadspin]

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