Lance Armstrong Considering 'Fessing Up to Doping

Might as well.

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Lance Armstrong just might finally come clean to using performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions throughout his career. A couple months ago, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from the sport for life. People with knowledge of the situation have said Lance is leaning towards admitting guilt so hopefully antidoping officials will reinstate him. After Armstrong's lawyer Tim Herman was asked about the rumors, he was quoted as saying:

“I do not know about that. I suppose anything is possible, for sure. Right now, that’s really not on the table.”

The World Anti-Doping Code states that an athlete can be eligible for a lighter punishment if he/she fully confesses to doping. Like who he/she did with, how he/she did it and how he/she got away with it (it's all about the deets!). We hope he does it. He doesn't want to end up like Pete Rose or Barry Bonds.

Does all the money he raised for cancer negate the fact that it was based on a lie?

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