Serena Williams Didn't Appreciate Drake Referring to Anna Wintour As "Bae"

They must go together now.

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Serena Williams and Drake have been causing quite a stir as of late. They've been seen making out at a restaurant, and Drake has been publicly supporting her whether it be at her tennis matches or her fashion shows.

Last night, Drizzy sat next to fashion goddess Anna Wintour during Serena's New York Fashion Week show and posted a pic on Instagram, which can be seen below:

According to Black Sports Online, Serena didn't take too kindly to her "man" calling another woman "bae." She replied to the picture in question with a couple talk to the hand emojis. We sifted through the 4,000 comments and it looks like she deleted it as if the screenshot doesn't exist. It's news now, baby.

This must mean that they go together now. Drake better chill, he already cost her a Grand Slam. We will have more info on this interesting development.

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