Steph Curry Recalls His Favorite Kobe Bryant Memories on 'Hot Ones'

As the latest to take on the wings of death, Steph Curry gets sentimental about the late Kobe Bryant on 'Hot Ones.'

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Steph Curry stays competitive on and off the court, and hot wings are no match for him.

On the latest edition of Hot Ones with host Sean Evans, the Golden State Warriors star kept his best game face on as he made his way through some of the hottest wings he could handle. Between each bite, Curry talked about everything from NBA popcorn power rankings, the shooting mechanics of Klay Thompson, as well as his new documentary Underrated, which is streaming now on Apple TV+.

But when asked about Curry's infamous "Baby Faced Asssasin" nickname, it triggered a flood of memories that led him to reflect on one of the biggest players to recognize that moniker, none other than Kobe Bryant.

"That is one of my favorite memories and compliments I've ever gotten in my life," said Curry. "I come down the court and do this little pump fake situation, hit a leaner off the glass. As I'm running down the court, the camera locks in on him for some reason. He points or leans to the guy next to him on his team and mouths, 'Yo, man, he's nice.'"

The four-time NBA champion added, "That's the dopest thing in the world. Kobe is validating my game when he's seeing me play for real for the first time. That's just freakin' amazing."

Another noteworthy encounter with Bryant came during a preseason game in the first quater.

"I turn around and he's like this [emulating Kobe's facial expressions], standing there doing defensive slides and staying in front of me. Like, 'What is happening right now? This is freaking Kobe Bryant,' said Curry.

After a few slides, Curry confessed he was getting tired and lost his balance after getting bumped by Bryant. "After I fell, I got no option, I'm like 'I'm gonna just shoot it and live with it.' I shot it from probably 30 feet and I made it. Then I acted like nothing happened, it was the biggest 'keep your cool' moment in your life because it's freaking Kobe and you're trying to be super chill about it."

You can watch Steph Curry's full Hot Ones interview up top.

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