Fake Klay Thompson Shares Video of Himself Entering Chase Center, Claims He's Been Banned for Life From Arena

Klay Thompson impersonator Dawson Gurley says he was banned for life from Chase Center after he made it past security to the team’s court prior to Game 5.

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Klay Thompson impersonator Dawson Gurley, a YouTuber who is also known as Big Daws, says he was banned for life from San Francisco’s Chase Center after he breezed past security to the team’s court before Game 5 of the NBA Finals. While there, Gurley was apparently able to get a few shots off before security realized that he was not the real Klay Thompson. 

Gurley made the claim on Monday and shared a photo of a purported letter he got from Brian J. Herbert, who is the Vice President of Security for the Golden State Warriors, notifying him of his lifetime ban.

“On June 13, 2022, you entered through the employee entrance of Chase Center prior to a GSW vs Boston Celtics NBA Finals game without a valid ticket, valid credential, or pre-approved authorization by Chase Center, GSW, or the NBA League Office,” the letter Gurley shared via social media reads. “You deliberately deceived Chase Center building personnel by impersonating a GSW employee. Your being in the Chase Center without proper credentials or authorization is in direct violation of the Fan Code of Conduct of Chase Center, GSW, and the NBA League.”

At game 5 and @warriors just banned me for life from their arena.

— Daws (@BigDawsTv) June 13, 2022

Banned bc I walked pass 5 layers of security guards (who willingly let me through security without asking for ID) & shot around on the court for 10 minutes. I also spent 10K on tickets which they are not refunding. Why should I be banned because their security is incompetent?

— Daws (@BigDawsTv) June 13, 2022

Here’s the official letter of my ban. pic.twitter.com/Ii9VTdWI0h

— Daws (@BigDawsTv) June 14, 2022

A spokesperson for the Warriors later told SFGATE that an individual was banned from the arena without identifying the person who was sanctioned.

“An individual falsely impersonated a Warriors player in a deliberate attempt to access unauthorized areas within Chase Center,” the spokesperson said, seemingly in reference to Fake Klay. “These actions have resulted in a lifetime ban from both Chase Center and Kaiser Permanente Arena.” 

Gurley later argued that he “technically” didn’t “trespass” but did concede that Chase Center officials had “every right to ban me.” 

Technically, I did not trespass.I talked to security, went through metal detectors and walked right into the building. They welcomed me with open arms. I also never claimed to be Klay. https://t.co/FbmnKWlwTs

— Daws (@BigDawsTv) June 14, 2022

Im being contacted by a lot of news organizations to do interviews. As of now I will not be doing any. Don’t want to make this a bigger deal than it is, the chase center has every right to ban me. I get it. No hard feelings. Had fun doing it 👍🏼

— Daws (@BigDawsTv) June 14, 2022

On Tuesday, Gurley shared a video of his antics. Check it out up top via YouTube.

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