Kevin Durant Casually Roasted by Warriors GM at Championship Parade

Golden State general manager Bob Myers may regret his slip-up at the Warriors' championship parade Tuesday, as he casually roasted superstar Kevin Durant while on the mic.

Warriors forward Kevin Durant has made it clear he plans to opt out of his current contract this summer. He doesn't plan to leave the team—he just wants to restructure his deal and make his money.

Monday, Warriors general manager Bob Myers—the man who assembled this absurd roster—said the team will do whatever it takes to bring back K.D. He said the back-to-back Finals MVP could have "whatever he wants."

Bob Myers said his contract offer to Kevin Durant can start at max money and max years, but KD controls the negotiation: "Whatever he wants"

During the Dubs' championship parade in Oakland Tuesday, however, Myers backtracked from that statement. With mic in hand, he casually roasted Durant, saying his free agency situation is different from that of Steph Curry last year. "That was just for the media," Myers said of his Monday statement. "He can't have anything—mid-level."

And on Steph, Myers added: "Well, yeah, that was different. He's been here for the run, for the way-before days."

K.D. laughed, but still, that's gotta sting a little bit.

The first notable quote of the parade: Bob Myers with an unexpected zing at at Kevin Durant

We're going to guess Myers regretted the words the second they fell out of his mouth. Still, Durant made it clear he has no designs on leaving Golden State.

Kevin Durant nudged about his contract again on stage: "Why was that even a discussion? Why we even talking about that? For sure, we going to do this thing again."

NBA free agency officially commences July 1.

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