Joe Maddon on LeBron's Cubs Uniform: 'He Can Play Center Field For us Any Time'

LeBron James could have a job offer to play professional baseball.

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LeBron James lost a bet to his good buddy Dwyane Wade when the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. As a result, LeBron had to wear a Cubs uniform to the Cavs-Bulls game last Friday.

It got some people thinking: how would LeBron do as a Major League Baseball player? Cubs manager Joe Maddon was certainly thinking along those lines. 

Approached by a TMZ reporter Wednesday and asked about LeBron sporting the uniform, Maddon answered, "He looked great. Yeah, he can play center field for us any time, man."

Center field is one of the heralded positions (along with shortstop), traditionally reserved for a team's best athlete. Guys like Andruw Jones, Jim Edmonds, and Ken Griffey Jr. flashed unprecedented athleticism at center field when LeBron was growing up.

Could LeBron be a decent baseball player? Probably not. But his passion for the game—or at least Cleveland sports—was clear this postseason, as the entire Cavs team showed up and showed out for the Indians, who blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series.

LeBron, we know you could dominate at least two sports, but please know we're just kidding with all this baseball talk. We'd hate to see the best basketball player alive jeopardize his legacy by failing in the minor leagues. We can't imagine what that would look like...

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