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If you happened to watch the National Championship game last night, then you saw Heisman winner DeVonta Smith absolutely go off in the first half. 12 catches. 215 yards. Three touchdowns. All in one half. Sadly, Smith hurt his finger early in the 3rd quarter and didn't return to the game, but he had already left his mark on the game. Bama rolled Ohio State in the game and it was largely due to Smith going insane in the first half. It really capped his Heisman campaign and had everyone wondering just how high he's going to go in the NFL Draft later this year. In our own recent NFL mock draft, we had Smith going to the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 6 overall

Smith is clearly a special talent and going to be a top-10 pick in the draft. If fans are just getting hip, then you should probably spend the rest of the day watching his insane high school highlights to get an idea of just how good he's always been. We're not saying these are on the level of Derrick Henry's wild high school tapes, which are stuff of legend, but let's put some respect on DeVonta Smith's name. Enjoy.