Deshaun Watson is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.

"I was on 2 then I took it to 10," Watson tweeted cryptically on Friday. The tweet appears to be confirmation of a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, in which a source said that Watson's anger level was a "2" after the Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins, but is currently a "10."


Watson's tweet was posted shortly after Texans Chairman and CEO Cal McNair released a statement apologizing for creating "mistrust" among players following Schefter's report that Watson was "furious" that the team hired new GM Nick Caserio without seeking input from Watson.

"Change is hard and we’re going through change and I accept everything hasn’t gone perfectly," McNair said in a statement provided to Houston's Fox26 on Friday. "It’s just hard and we’re working through it. If players, media and fans are upset, that’s on me and I’ll apologize for my actions or communications that have created mistrust and I accept those team’s and fan’s frustrations. I’ll learn, listen, commit to getting better, but change is hard. Winning, what we’re trying to do, chase the championships, it’s gonna be hard. I’m committed to doing that."

While his apology does not specifically name Watson, it's likely that the QB's apparent unrest was one of the main reasons for the statement. Just last week, it was reported that Watson was open to the idea of a trade to the Miami Dolphins. Around that time, McNair said he hadn't heard from Watson since the hire was made, and said he understands Watson might "feel left out of the process." From the sound of his latest tweet, Watson's anger seems to have only intensified. 

Supposedly, Watson felt he should have a say in the general manager hiring, which would make sense with his status as the team's highest paid player. McNair has acknowledged that Watson made his feelings regarding the situation abundantly clear, and that he will be making sure Deshaun will be "in the loop" when the team hires a new head coach.