That all happened really, really fast. Just this morning news broke that the Texans might consider trading DeAndre Hopkins. We listed five potential suitors and none of them were the Arizona Cardinals, who ended up trading for the All-Pro WR in exchange for a 2nd round pick and David Johnson. Of course, this trade sent shockwaves through social media and NFL circles, with mostly everyone shocked that the Texans unloaded Hopkins for such a little return.

People also wondered about the motivation behind the move, especially since Hopkins was a true leader of the team. Whatever the reason, the Cardinals won big here and now have an interesting young core going forward. With the trade done, the Complex Sports team put together some winners and losers from the deal and where everything might go next. 

Winner: Kyler Murray 

Last year was a bit of a struggle for Kyler Murray. Yes, he won the Rookie of the Year award, but the Cardinals struggled and he had plenty of rookie moments. That's to be expected, especially with a brand new coach. Well, things should get much better for Murray in year two with the addition of Hopkins. Like, they just added one of the best WRs in the NFL and gave up very little. Insane. 

Loser: Deshaun Watson

You have to feel bad for Deshaun Watson and you honestly need to wonder if he should request a trade out of Houston. They just traded away his top WR and didn't even get a 1st round pick in return. This year's WR class is deep, but the fact that the Texans don't even have a first rounder means they likely won't be able to get a top guy. Think about yourself, Deshaun. 

Winner: Larry Fitzgerald

You have to love this for Larry Fitzgerald, who now may finish his career out on a winning team. Things will be much easier for Fitz with Hopkins on the other side of him on offense, which means the future Hall of Famer should eat all season. 

Loser: Bill O'Brien 

Man, this is why NFL teams have GMs and head coaches and why those indiviuals usually do different things. Well, in Houston Bill O'Brien is running the show and not very well. How do you even justify this move? Yikes. 

Winner: Sports Fans

I know I'm not alone here, but with everything going on in the world with Coronavirus, NFL free agency has been a much-needed escape to things. When this trade broke, it brought a sense of normalcy to things and allowed sports fans to forget about what's going on out in the world. Have to appreciate that during times like this.