There are a ton of questions that need to be answered as the NBA season officially tips Tuesday. So we asked a few of our friends who cover, observe, and comment on the Association to offer up their expertise.

We came up with the idea of sending an elementary survey to find out a few things like 1. Who our friends around the Association really are? And 2. What do the people we really respect actually think about a few debate-y issues?

Here’s how it worked: We sent this brief—and I can’t emphasize brief enough—five-question survey to roughly a couple dozen of our friends around the NBA media landscape at the beginning of October. That means this was way before the Kyrie Irving situation took a turn for the truly toxic and wrestled the biggest training camp/preseason headlines away from Ben Simmons. So forgive us for not including anything Irving related. We’re pretty sure you’ll survive.

Polling men and women from ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports!, The Athletic, Turner, Sports Illustrated, and few independent operators you probably follow on Twitter dot com, we asked each to answer four questions—and granted them anonymity so as not to ruin any potential preview content they had to pump out for their outlet. For the final question, which is a bit of an obtuse one, we asked them to elaborate and provide a reason why they chose who they chose. You’ll read answers from a number of the participants who justified their selection.

That’s it. Nothing deep, nothing crazy, probably way more elementary than we’d ideally like, but at least give us some credit for trying something new before the 2021-22 NBA season. Know that not every single one of the power players we reached out to and asked to fill out the survey complied. We forgive them since they were probably busy breaking a scoop or two or writing some fantastic preview stories. Hopefully we’ll get them on board next season and maybe we’ll trick it out for the 2022-23 season, upgrading our elementary survey to something slightly more sophisticated. But for now, here’s what we netted: