The NBA season is long. Over the course of 82 regular season games (or in this year's case, 72 games) you're bound to see something weird either from the exhaustion of later games or the rust of early onrd. Still, we doubt anyone had the Los Angeles Clippers getting absolutely worked by the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday. The Mavs went up by 50 points at halftime of their December 27 game, shocking a Clippers team playing without Kawhi Leonard.

The 77-27 deficit at the half was the largest point difference at that point in a game since the addition of the shot clock over 60 years ago.

People love a train wreck. People on Twitter, doubly so. NBA Twitter didn't miss its chance to pile on the likely Finals contenders, after a historically embarrassing half. 

Even the Mavericks' own social media team got in on the fun with their squad  on pace for a 154-54 victory over one of the best teams in the league.