Game 5 of the NBA Finals was crazy. My heart is still racing. What a back and forth game. I really thought the Lakers would close it out, especially when you consider LeBron James was that on. He dropped 40 points and hit 6-of-9 from deep. If you're the Lakers, you simply can't waste that game. But honestly, this post is all about Jimmy Butler. What a freaking performance from Jimmy Buckets. That was incredible. As he's done throughout these playoffs, he put the Miami Heat on his back and dragged them to a victory. Nobody though they could make it this far, but he keeps getting it done. Tonight might have been the best of this run for Butler, with a performance where he put up 35 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, and dished out 11 assists.

This was his second triple-double of the NBA Finals. He's only the second player ever to have a 30-point triple-double in an NBA Finals game. LeBron James is the other. What's really wild is can you believe there's teams out there that didn't want Jimmy Butler on their team? Looking at you Sixers. Simply incredible to think about. While Butler fits in perfectly with the "Heat Culture" that gets drilled home non-stop, how could any team in the NBA not want this guy? Just a total blunder all around and a complete win for the Miami Heat, who are now absolutely still in this series. The Lakers just wasted an amazing LeBron game and Anthony Davis looks like he might be seriously hurt going into Game 6. The Miami Heat have the momentum and surely believe they can pull this off. And why shouldn't they believe? Jimmy Butler has put an absolute battery in their back and put them in this position. This entire post is just an appreciation of Jimmy Butler and what he just did. Truly amazing. We'll see everyone for Game 6. Maybe the Lakers will have an answer for Jimmy Butler, but probably not. 

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