As the Los Angeles Lakers were commanding Game 5 against the Houston Rockets, Russell Westbrook got into a verbal altercation with someone from the front bench towards the end of the game.

It's worth noting that the only people in attendance at any of these playoff games have been the family members of those playing. ESPN's Marc J. Spears reported that the individual who Westbrook was arguing with was Rajon Rondo's brother, William Rondo, and that security had to escort him out of the game afterward.

William Rondo was reportedly antagonizing Westbrook by waving his hands and saying goodbye to him, since the Rockets were on the verge of elimination and being blown out by more than 20 points.

This minor meltdown doesn't come as that much as a surprise based on how Westbrook's night was going anyway. He scored under 20 points and had been feuding with players during a large part of the elimination game as well.

The Lakers won 119 to 96, advancing to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2010.

In a post-game interview, Westbrook explained what happened.