R&B singer Kenny Lattimore has seen his music sales go "to another level" in recent months, thanks to Michael Jordan and the ESPN documentary The Last Dance.

TMZ caught up with Lattimore at LAX earlier this week where he revealed that sales have skyrocketed ever since the scene of Jordan vibing out to some of his unreleased music on the team bus prior to Game 1 of the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz first aired.

The scene became a meme sensation, with people inserting all types of music over the visual of MJ emphatically nodding his head with his headphones on.

When asked what he was listening to, Jordan limited his answer to "brand new" music from Lattimore that wasn't even out yet. The Grammy-nominated singer eventually provided some clarity.

Jordan's enthusiastic response to Lattimore's music has helped broaden his fan base. "There's so many people from around the world that started following me, sending me messages [because of 'The Last Dance']," he told TMZ.

"People were like, "This is Jordan's guy' or 'I'm gonna listen to this 'cause this is what Jordan listens to,'" Lattimore continued, acknowledging that "the Michael Jordan effect is definitely real!"