Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams was the subject of much debate last week after a photo of him with rapper Jack Harlow surfaced online. At first the two wrote off the situation, with Harlow claiming it was an older photo, but later Williams confirmed he did in fact visit Atlanta's Magic City after leaving the NBA bubble for his grandfather’s funeral.

While he waits in isolation to rejoin his Clippers teammates, Williams is facing criticism from retired NBA champion and media personality Kendrick Perkins. "I've been to Magic City, the wings are fire," Perkins said in a clip from Get Up that he shared on Twitter. "But in this case, in all seriousness...c'mon Lou Will, you gotta do better, man. Lou Will is a 16-year vet, he knows better. He should know how to be more mature." 

Perkins went on to compare Williams' behavior to Zion Williamson, who also left the bubble for personal reasons but tackled it in what Perkins called a "mature" fashion. Sharing the clip via Twitter, he added, "It's disturbing when a Rookie in Zion Williamson can act more mature than NBA vet Lou Williams!!!"

Catching wind of Perkins' comments, Lou dismissed the criticism after previously confirming he went for the chicken wings, not the "adult entertainment" on offer at Magic City.

"15 years in this business and the most dirt you have on my name is stopping to get hot wings during a pandemic," wrote Williams on Twitter, directly replying to Perkins' tweet on the matter. "Perk. Shut up. And stop laughing and saying it’s just tv when you run into me too."

In a follow-up tweet, he added, "But I digress. I went home to see a man off to his final resting place that was a giant in my life. I don’t want that to get lost in all this attention. So again, LONG LIVE THE GREAT PAUL WILLIAMS SR. back to my quarantine so I can join the guys soon. Peace."

Williams also stressed that he was in the establishment for only a short amount of time, writing, "Maskon #inandout."

Perkins gave a quick response to Williams' comments shortly after, tweeting, "To small homeboy...stay in your lane lil fella!!"

Lou Will has since returned to the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, and is in quarantine for 10 days. He is expected to miss the team's first two seeding games.

While Kevin Durant didn't name Perkins specifically, he shared an old Kanye tweet that seemed to reference his former teammate:

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