The NBA bubble is the focus of the sports world right now. As the league attempts to restart their season after shutting down in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 22 teams have taken over the Walt Disney World sports complex in Orlando. There's really no telling if this entire thing will work yet, but the content has already been fascinating to watch. The safety of everyone on the campus is the prime priority but the content from the players is just too good to ignore. You have some of the biggest athletes in the world all in the same location like it's one big AAU tournament.

With actual games still a few weeks away, bubble content will continue to flourish on social media, thanks in large part to the "NBA Bubble Life" Twitter account, which already has over 70,000 followers after just a week. Props to whoever the mysterious person is running the page. They're keeping us all informed and even got JJ Redick to shotgun a beer in a kiddie pool. Aside from beer chugging contests, players have found plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained, from ping pong games, to fishing and (not) attending planned DJ sets, the guys in the bubble are finding ways to pass the time. Of course, they're all in Orlando for one reason and that's to win a championship, but the content journey is going to be great to watch along the way. 

Check out the best moments from the NBA bubble. 

JJ Redick and Meyers Leonard Chug Some Beers

Surprised it took this long for guys to start partying in some fashion. Good on JJ for sticking to his word. Also, Meyers Leonard definitely has some experience shotgunning beers. Guy is an absolute pro. 

Even more interesting, Spencer Dinwiddie thinks Joe Harris could take down everyone. 

JR Smith Immediately Became the Bubble MVP

We really didn't realize how much the NBA missed JR Smith until his first night in the NBA bubble. JR was simply being JR on his IG live when he got the message from someone that he had to stop because he was exposing too much of what was inside the campus. Classic JR. 

JR still has jokes too. Poor Troy Daniels was just trying to get a fit off. 

Michael Jordan Is Probably Jealous of All the Golf 

If you've ever been to Orlando or Disney World, you know there's golf courses everywhere, including the NBA bubble. To no surprise, guys are taking full advantage. They're honestly lucky MJ isn't there because they'd be in real danger of losing big money. 

Who Knew NBA Players Loved to Fish This Much 

The biggest surprise of the NBA bubble so far is how much guys apparently love to fish. Guess you have to occupy the time somehow, but who knew the NBA had some many great fishermen. A true bubble surprise. Who's the best NBA fisherman? Tough to say, but we're pretty sure it's not Ben Simmons. 

Luka might take the top spot 

Though we already knew Paul George was about that fishing life. 

The Food Has Been a Major Storyline 

Obviously bubble food was going to be a big thing. The first few days had people making Fyre Fest comparisons and everything. It's unclear what the overall consensus of the food is in the bubble, but guys are definitely going to share their opinions on it. But as Richaun Holmes found out, if you order out, you need to make sure you follow the rules. 

PJ Tucker on the other hand, is having no food issues. 

Ja Morant isn't worried, either. 

There's Basketball Happening, Too  

While the content and side activities are fun and entertaining, everyone in the bubble is there to hoop and guys are getting ready for a push towards a championship. Basketball is almost back and we couldn't be happier. 

It certainly looks like Zion is ready to lead the Pelicans to the playoffs. 

Kawhi and Paul George look as locked in as ever for the Clippers. 

You already know LeBron and AD are ready to go. 

Point is, we're just weeks away from (hopefully) watching actual NBA basketball again. It's going to be different. It's not going to be normal, but it's going to be NBA basketball. We can't wait. 

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