Nick Young hopped on Twitter Friday to explain how he "almost killed" JaVale McGee. Let us explain.

The free agent guard told his followers he was almost involved in a car crash that sent him into a bout of road rage. Swaggy P didn't share precise details, such as how and where it happened, but said he was ready to curse someone out after nearly colliding with their vehicle. Moments after narrowly avoiding the crash, Young saw the other driver roll down his window and quickly realized it was his former Golden State Warriors teammate.

"What are the odds we almost hit each other driving ..." he wrote, before cracking some jokes. "He roll down his window [and] it's Javale ... We Just started laughing. Damn, I wish he would've hit me, I need some cash." 

McGee confirmed the incident on Twitter:

Young and McGee were Washington Wizards teammates during the 2009-2010 season and then reunited in 2018 on the Warriors' 2017-2018 team, which ultimately secured the championship. McGee is now with the Los Angeles Lakers and previously told Complex he would be happy if Young joined the franchise.

"If he gets signed, that would be great," he said, "so, definitely, yeah."

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