The NFL announced that it's scrapping video review for pass interference calls next season.

NFL Competitions Committee chairman Rich McKay made the announcement on SiriusXM NFL Radio Thursday, explaining that the rule has met its "natural death."

The NFL implemented the new rule during the 2019 season, which allowed for offensive and defensive pass interference calls and non-calls to be subject to review. The actual rules of what was defined as pass interference never changed, but referees rarely overturned original calls, despite challenges from coaches.

While the rule was initially implemented to try and avoid another catastrophic no-call like the one that lead to the Los Angeles Rams playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints in 2018, many felt that the rule ended up muddying the game even further. For instance, in the Cardinals vs. Buccaneers game last season, the Cardinals were robbed of an extra play after what many thought was pass interference. Unfortunately, coaches are not allowed to ask for a replay review under the 2-minute mark in each half, and the league didn't overturn the call. 

Needless to say, the elimination of this rule was welcome news to NFL fans, with many taking to Twitter to voice their agreement.