Giannis Antetokounmpo had his Twitter account and personal information hacked on Thursday. For a short amount of time, the Milwaukee Bucks player's account posted a number of highly offensive tweets. His account was locked shortly after, and all the tweets posted by the hacker were deleted.

As is the case with most Twitter hacks, the tweets mostly consisted of racist remarks and other outlandish comments that were immediately apparent to not have come from Giannis himself. His brother, Kostas, confirmed that he was hacked on Twitter, adding that Giannis also had his "phone, email, and bank accounts" hacked. "He genuinely apologizes for everything that was tweeted and he will be back as soon as possible," Kostas added. "The things that were said by this hacker were extremely inappropriate and disgusting!" Kostas wrote. 

Giannis' agent also confirmed that his client's account was hacked. Whoever was responsible for getting into his account had knowledge of the NBA, with one tweet falsely claiming that he was heading to the Golden State Warriors. Giannis himself has yet to address the situation. When the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the suspension of the NBA season, Giannis was among a handful of players who donated to his team's arena staff.

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