Darrelle Revis has been very critical of Richard Sherman in the past. Yet, it seems like things have smoothed over between the two as they got into some playful banter on Twitter. 

On Wednesday, Revis sent out a tweet that let it be known that he feels he's better than Sherman in every way.

"3 facts here. @RSherman_25," Revis wrote. "•I’m more handsome than him according to women. •I’m better at corner than him according to everyone. •Shutdown corners are paid more than Zone 3 corners which I’m currently still am today." 

Sherman responded by tweeting out a clip of Revis getting torched on a route ran by T.Y. Hillton.

"But I thought," Sherman wrote implying that Revis is supposed to be a "shutdown corner." 

Although this is reminiscent of their exchanges in the past, Revis let it be known that these were friendly jabs by the way he responded to Sherman's clap back.

"Good one," Revis wrote. "I’m glad we’re having fun." Sherman echoed this by showing his respect for Revis and how he played the position. 

"Lol we have one of the hardest jobs on the field," Sherman said to a follower. "Just know never seen a corner who hasn’t given up a grab. The greats just make it few and far in between."