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The possibility of Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots is just around the corner, with free agency set to begin within the next week. It was reported earlier this month that the San Francisco 49ers are "closing hard" on Brady, but it's still unclear where the 42-year-old quarterback will decide to go. Dianna Russini of ESPN has claimed that Brady has two demands for any team looking to land him, however.

"Some of the things Brady wants: Control over roster [and] he wants to be part of making decisions the play calling," Russini said on Get Up this week. While there's plenty of teams in the league that would be happy to have Brady, not everyone will be as eager to play along with these preferences. "I talked to Tampa Bay. They would love to have Tom Brady," added Russini. "They are willing to give Tom Brady the things he needs, he wants." 

While these demands would effectively make Brady a part-time general manager for a team, it would make sense that he would want more control with his career in its final few years. He hasn't indicated when he will retire from football just yet, but many have speculated that he could hang up his jersey in one or two seasons. Fans won't get to find out which team Tom Brady is willing to sign to until free agency begins on March 18.

Watch the full segment discussing Brady's future in the NFL above.