Sugar Ray Leonard stopped by for an interview with Mike Tyson on his podcast, and during the chat Tyson emotionally broke down how he feels without boxing in his life. The two boxers discussed their careers with Eben Britton on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, and during a particularly vulnerable moment, Tyson said he's "scared" of who he used to be.

"I know the art of fight, I know the art of war, that's all I ever studied," an emotional Tyson explained at the 14:00 moment of the podcast. "That's why they feared me when I was in the ring, I was an annihilator. It's all I was born for. Now those days are gone it's empty, I'm nothing. I'm working on the art of humbleness... That's the reason I'm crying cause I'm not that person no more, and I miss him. Because sometimes I feel like a bitch, because I don't want that person to come out because if he comes out hell will come with him."

He went on to say that he fears who he used to be, going so far to say that he "hates" who he was because he's "scared of him." Leonard chimed in to say that while he does have regrets from his career as a boxer, and he thinks he's a better person now. Tyson retired from boxing in 2005, while Leonard retired in 1997.

Later on in the episode, which also included talk of how ego comes into the world of boxing, the two also talked about how they would fight Eben Britton. "If I was fighting you, I wouldn't have to look at your body," said Leonard. "I'll just go there. My hands know where to go... You wanna try?" Almost immediately, and wisely, Britton responded, "No. No, man. Ray, fuck no dude!"

Watch the full episode above.