The Senior Bowl concluded two weeks ago and Super Bowl LIV just wrapped up. The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions. Most teams and fans are focused on the offseason already, and how their franchise can reach the big game in the 2020 season. That means hyperfocus on the 2020 NFL Draft and the excitment around adding new players to the fold. From Joe Burrow and Chase Young to Tua Tagovailoa and Isaiah Simmons, this draft is loaded with elite talent that could push a team over the hump. 

With all of the offseason hysteria comes with mock draft season, as we anxiously await the scouting combine and free agency to further clarify what could happen in late April. This is a good exercise to see how different teams tend to value need against pure talent that's available. As easy as it is to say that player X "won't be available" at a certain point, these mocks show scenarios where surprising names fall to unexpected ranges.

We'll do a few of these mocks throughout the offseason to update projections based on team fits and past tendencies. We're sure you're not going to agree with every pick, so make sure you tweet us with your thoughts through the entire draft process. 

Ian Wharton's been covering the NFL Draft since 2013, and has provided independent evaluation services for professional teams since 2014.