During the forced display of sportsmanship that is the post-game handshake line, two mid-majors (Jackson State and Prairie View A&M) got into a fight that gained national attention for a match-up that nobody outside of maybe alums would've otherwise really cared about. 

As video from the incident shows, things got heated during the requisite exchange, after Prairie View won the home game following a "hard foul" in the final minute.

As TMZ notes, Jackson State's Dontelius Ross didn't seem to care for the exchange he had with Darius Williams of Prairie View. It looks like some words or even a small shoulder bump appear to be the catalyst for the ensuing brawl. After Ross lost control, he was held back by teammates and a security guard, which prevented an altercation between Ross and Williams. But it was also just part of the post-game theatrics, as another fight broke out on the other side of the court and things got chaotic.

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