In the latest epsidoe of the 'Load Management' podcast, Antonio Brown joined myself and Adam Caparell to talk about everything going on around him. Throughout the interview, AB spoke candidly about a number of topics, including his ongoing issues with Logan Paul, his current status with the NFL, which teams he wants to play for, and if he has any regrets for things he did over the past year. You can listen to the interview in full here, but we also decided to breakout some of the biggest takeaways from the conversation, which you can check out below. 

AB Isn't Ruling Out a Raiders Return 

Antonio Brown only played in one NFL game last season and it wasn't for the team that he spent most of last year's offseason with. Even though the Raiders ended up cutting AB before the first week of the season, he told us that he recently talked to Jon Gruden and wouldn't rule out a return to the team, which now plays in Las Vegas. The move would certainly be a gamble for the Raiders. 

Brown Wants to Play With Tom Brady 

In what could be a related tidbit, AB told us that he really only wants to play with Tom Brady next season. Of course, Brown has only played one game with Brady during his career, but they did look quite good in the limited action. This could impact the Raiders because there are plenty of rumors out there that they could be gearing up to make a run at Brady, who is set to become a free agent in March. Maybe this could be a package deal. 

AB's NFL Status Still Isn't Settled 

Before Brown can even think about signing with any team, his status with the NFL needs to be figured out. During Super Bowl week, NFL commisioner Roger Goodell said that the league was first and foremost concerned about Brown's well-being. AB responded to that an more during our interview, saying that it's been 140 days since he's played football. There doesn't seem to be much clarity about when the NFL might make a ruling on Brown's status, but if he's planning the play next season, they'll need to figure it out sooner rather than later. 

Brown Thinks the Saints Used Him for Publicity 

This isn't really a new take from AB, but he did expound on his thoughts that the Saints used him for publicity when they brought him in for a workout during the playoffs. He even hinted that they did so because of the ongoing investigation into the Saints helping the New Orleans clergy coverup a sex abuse scandal with priests. 

AB Thinks Logan Paul is Clout Chasing 

Of all the things that Brown is currently involved in, the Logan Paul beef might be the most random. The two might square off in the ring at some point in the future, though Brown didn't really want to talk about hypotheticals related to Paul. In any case, he said that Logan Paul is clout chasing off of his name, especially with the new diss song he released where he's taking shots at Brown.