As we begin to cope with the fact that we won't see any NFL football until August, it's time to take a look at the upcoming offseason and just how crazy things might get. The NFL is always a wild business, but the fact that the likes of Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, and more could all change teams is simply astonishing. Brady is obviously the biggest name who could be on the move this offseason, but he's far from the only star who might hit the open market. Cam Newton could change the fortunes of a team. Rivers still has something left in the tank. Teddy Bridgewater proved he's still an NFL starter.

Simply put, we could see a major shift in the NFL over the next couple of weeks and months. With that in mind, the Complex Sports team is gearing up for the NFL offseason with some bold predictions that we see playing out over the next few weeks. 

Tom Brady Picks the Raiders 

Could this really happen? It's not really a bold prediction to say that Brady will leave the Patritos at this point, so we'll take it a step further and predict that he's going to end up in Las Vegas. Nobody really knows what Brady is thinking right now, other than the fact that he's going to hit free agency and he's looking for more offensive weapons. The Raiders not only have a talented young core, but we know they'd be willing to spend around Brady. Talk about a welcome to Las Vegas. 

Stefon Diggs Gets Traded

If you follow Stefon Diggs on Twitter, then you know he likes to have fun. For Vikings fans, his recent tweets hinting towards a breakup in Minnesota probably aren't too much fun, but it certainly seems like it's going towards that route. If you remember, there were Diggs trade rumors last season before they went on a run to the playoffs, and it wouldn't be a shock for those to pop back up. So yeah, we'll say it, Stefon Diggs will be playing for a new team come September. 

Cam Newton Heads to Chicago 

Other than Brady, Cam Newton is probably the biggest QB that could hit the market this offseason. His health is the most important thing, but it really doesn't sound like he'll be back with the Panthers. For the Bears, this sounds like a no brainer. Even if you don't want to get rid of Mitch Trubisky, Newton would be an immediate upgrade and return the Bears to contender status. 

Philip Rivers Goes to Tampa Bay 

We already know that Rivers won't be back with the Chargers, but it's going to be really, really weird to see him suit up for another NFL team. While there will be a few teams on the market for an experienced QB like Rivers, we're going to have him landing in Tampa Bay. Fire off those cannons. 

Jameis Winston Lands With the Colts 

One thing leads to another and with Rivers heading to Tampa Bay in this scenario, Jameis Winston will need a new home. While the Panthers might make some sense, the Colts will be the ones to sign Winston as they look for more production out of the QB position in 2020. 

The Browns Won't Trade Odell Beckham Jr. 

The fact that this has to be a bold prediction makes me sad as a Browns fan. I just don't see it happening this year. If things continue to go poorly then it's absolutely on the table, but we're going to say that they're going to run it all back next season. 

Miami Dolphins Cash Out Melvin Gordon

Running back contracts are always a point of contention in the NFL and Melvin Gordon admitted that it was a mistake to holdout last year. While a return to the Chargers makes some sense, there's always a team out there with some money to blow, and in this case, we see it being the Miami Dolphins, who despartely need to add some talent at RB. 

The Jets Trade Le'Veon Bell

It's safe to say that the Le'Veon Bell experiement in New York didn't work and there were already trade rumors last season. With that in mind, we see the Jets moving on from Bell and starting over at RB. While Bell does get paid a lot, he's still very talented and there will surely be interested in teams out there. How about a reunion in Pittsburgh? How wild would that be. 

Taysom Hill Finds a New Team 

Taysom Hill is one of the most fascinating players in the NFL. He's clearly a talented player, but there's questions about whether or not he can be an every down QB in the league. While we haven't seen a bunch of Hill as a QB, he's so talented that an NFL team will surely take a chance on him with a big deal. He's a RFA, so the Saints can match any deal offered to him, but if Drew Brees wants to keep playing, they may have to let Hill walk.