Last month, Houston Texans fans voiced how upset they were with the team's performance when they were down 31-3 at half-time. One fan even decided to heckle head coach Bill O'Brien, and he responded by calling them a "motherfucker" in a brief rant.

As TMZ reports, the fan yelled "you suck" at O'Brien, to which he responded, "You suck too! Fuck you." The 50-year-old coach continue to yell at the fan, "Screw you, motherfucker. You suck too, motherfucker." At one point, DeAndre Hopkins could be seen attempting to calm down his coach, but that didn't stop him from getting in one last comment. "Go the fuck home, motherfucker," he added. 

Now that the video has been made public, O'Brien addressed his language during the Texans press conference on Friday. "I was made aware of a video that's out there, at half-time at the Denver game coming off the field," he said. "I used inappropriate language, and I apologize for that. [...] Sorry that it happened."

The video took quite some time to make its way online, as the game took place on Dec. 8. Regardless, O'Brien was quick to apologize once it was shared by TMZ on Thursday, although it's likely that he would have never addressed his outburst were it not caught on camera and uploaded online.

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