Along with his many individual accolades, Kobe Bryant will always be remembered for the magic he made with Hall of Fame center, Shaquille O'Neal. The bond they created as superstar teammates has Kobe's death weighing heavily on the Big Deisel.

On the latest episode of The Big Shaq PodcastShaq revealed that he's "not doing well," in the aftermath of Bryant's untimely death. O'Neal explained that his younger sister had recently passed and he was still grieving her death when he got the news of Kobe's accident. He now feels like he's lost two siblings. 

"I have a little brother, but I really lost a brother yesterday," Shaq told his co-hosts at the episode's 9:55-minute mark.

Shaq also commented on how he received the news of Kobe's passing.

On the floor of Staples Center, a tearful Shaquille O'Neal shares how he found about the passing of Kobe Bryant.

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“I truly believe that we will be the most dominant big/little, one-two punch ever.”@SHAQ on his time with Kobe.

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Although Shaq and Kobe won three NBA championships together, their relationship was marred by rumors of beef and discontent. But O'Neal explained that they were brothers and brothers often fight. 

"Our relationship was that of brothers," Shaq said. "When I saw Kobe and his daughters, loved them. He saw my kids, loved them. So all the stuff that's documented between us, there was never a dislike. Listen, this is what brothers do. I have a younger brother. We fight all the time. But, guess what? I love him. And I love Kobe Bryant." 

Shaq that Kobe's death makes him want to set aside his "beef and confrontation clause" with people, adding that his only regret when it comes to his relationship with Kobe is that they didn't communicate as often as they could have. 

The news of Kobe's death sent shock waves around the world. Ice Cube stated that he sent Bryant a text after seeing the reports because he thought it was a hoax. Shaq recalls having a similar experience when presented with the news. 

"I was downstairs working out with Shaqir and my other son, Greg, showed me the TMZ clip," Shaq said. "And I yelled at Greg. I said: 'Aye yo man get that [expletive] out my face. Get it out my face because you know how the internet hoax and all that.' I figured that somebody was just playing around. I said: 'I'm working out with Shaqir.' I didn't want to believe it."

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