Saturday’s AFC games were filled with surprises. After the Texans beat the Bills, 22-19, in overtime, the Patriots-Titans game ended in a shocking loss for the Patriots that may have effectively ended their dynasty.

The Patriots home loss (20-13) means they won’t be advancing to face the Baltimore Ravens. If you missed the game, Brady threw a pick-six that was caught by Logan Ryan.

Twitter reacted accordingly to what could be Brady’s last game as a Patriot, the fact that the defending AFC champions aren’t in the playoffs, and what the future holds for Brady.

In the post-game press conference, Brady addressed rumors of retiring, describing it as “hopefully unlikely.” He also had a message to his fans who have stuck with him throughout the years, saying, “I appreciate it. I try to do the right thing out there. Who knows what the future holds? So we’ll leave it at that.”

Antonio Brown, who had a short stint on the Patriots before getting cut, reacted to his former team’s loss, possibly sending some shots (“Seeing the people who tried to hurt you fail is the best inner feeling ! Look at me now Godsplan,” he wrote in a deleted tweet) and telling Brady to call him.


What Could Of Been #YouChangedOnMe #LookAtMeNow #ABForPresident

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Whatever the future holds for Brady, at least he'll have some options. For Brady and Bill Belichick's full interviews after the game, you can watch them below:

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