ESPN reports that an unknown number of Thunder players were safely evacuated from Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City following an incident at a nearby store. 

According to KOCO, two people got into an argument at the Foot Locker located inside the mall when someone pulled out a gun and shot the other person in the chest. The victim has been taken to a nearby hospital and is in critical yet stable condition. 

The shooter immediately fled the scene. Authorities are currently searching for the suspect. The mall has been closed for the remainder of the day. 

The Thunder players were in Penn Square Mall to watch a movie when the shooting occurred. "Thunder security was made aware immediately," the Thunder said in a statement. "The team was never in danger and was safe during the entirety of the event."

Steven Adams was spotted leaving the mall and didn't appear to be the slightest bit distraught or even bothered over what had previously transpired, confirming that the players were "never in danger."

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