The Denver Nuggets suffered a 96-105 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, and a handful of fans lost control. Video has surfaced online showing fans of the two teams clashing in the stands, with a number of people exchanging words and then eventually throwing punches.

It's not clear what instigated the fight, but it appears as though the Lakers side threw the first punch. Fortunately, people were nearby to help stop the violence from escalating any further. The Nuggets fan who was punched didn't hit back, but onlookers did make it clear that the Lakers fan should leave promptly. It is unclear if any injuries were sustained during the incident, but the Nuggets fan did take that punch like a champ.

Taken as a whole, it was a great game for Lakers fans. The team came out on top despite flu-like symptoms plaguing the lineup, with a sick Anthony Davis delivering a solid performance in particular. "Just felt lousy the last two days," explained Lakers coach Frank Vogel. "He comes in and has a ... Defensive Player of the Year type of performance. He's guarding their two best players, Jokic, single coverage, everybody's staying home and Jamal Murray taking him to the basket and he's making defensive play after defensive play." Yeah, the Lakers are good.