It's a basketball miracle, folks. We finally have a release date for, The Last Dance, the upcoming ESPN 10-part documentary series about the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 1990s. The series will finally drop on June 26, 2020 and it looks even more wild than we originally thought. These guys really got Barack Obama in this shit. And Pat Riley. And Patrick Ewing. And Kobe Bryant. The list goes on. 

If you didn't see the new trailer yet, here ya go: 

Expectations for this are through the roof right now. This sort of thing was made for Twitter viewing and reactions, but hearing first-hand stories about one of the best teams in NBA history is going to be so epic. I wish I could teleport to June 26, immediately. Sadly that technology is not yet available, so this new trailer will have to do. Even for just a minute teaser, this thing is packed with hilarious moments. Gary Payton, Patrick Ewing, and Isiah Thomas look like they're about to spill all the damn tea about MJ and this Bulls team. Charles Barkley might steal the damn show. Damn, I want to see this shit right now. 

To help pass the time, we figured we might as well give y'all a full breakdown of this new trailer, because why not? This shit is going to rule so much. 

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