Carmelo Anthony isn't ready to give in to the idea of sitting out this season. 

TMZ cornered the current free agent in Los Angeles and asked him how he feels about his prospects. After sharing that he wasn't in town to talk to either of L.A.'s teams, Anthony promised he would be on an NBA roster at some point this season. 

"We're figuring it out," Anthony said, before guaranteeing a roster spot.

For those looking to bet, Melo set the probability at "2,000 percent." He then restated what he was saying at the beginning of the season, that he'd be willing to take whatever comes for the opportunity to play again.

"We open, man. We open to every opportunity," he said.

Anthony had a rough offseason, to say the least. He was reportedly turned down by Team USA, a severe blow for arguably the best American player in the history of international basketball. While there were rumors that the Brooklyn Nets' two new superstars were pushing for Melo, that deal seemed to fizzle out. Anthony has the support of some fellow former stars, but those guys aren't pulling strings in NBA front offices.

Melo is just one of a few sitting athletes who see a potential future back in the league. The NFL called off its cold war against former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, setting up a workout that was open to every team. If Kaep is coming back, it's understandable that other players might let their belief in what's possible reach Kevin Garnett levels.