The Patriots WR situation continues be in flux, as today they announced that they've placed Josh Gordon on IR. Many assumed this would end Gordon's season with a knee injury, but soon after the news broke, Ian Rapoport announced that once Gordon heals from the bone bruise in his knee, the Patriots will waive him from IR. This means in a few weeks Gordon will be healthy and free to sign with any team he chooses.

The Patriots seemed to know they were moving on from Gordon once they completed a deal for Mohamed Sanu from the Atlanta Falcons. From Gordon's side, he called the news "interesting" on Instagram, but didn't share any further details. It's unclear exactly why the Pats decided to move on from Gordon, but it looks highly likely he'll be signed by a team once he gets healthy. With that in mind, the Complex Sports squad picked out five NFL teams that should sign Gordon once he becomes a free agent later this season. 

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